Discover Lentils

Michael Smith, our good old Canadian boy and celebrity chef is getting Canadians focus and bring awareness to lentils.  He is launching a campaign called Discover Lentils and has a fantastic website  ,we love what he’s doing and therefore want to get the news spreading faster by sharing it with you.  Why lentils?  First let’s start with showing some Canadian pride, as “being…

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Let’s hear it for the boys:)

I have become addicted to a new show. It’s called cover meCanada. Now I don’t normally get into these types of reality shows with song and dance but this one has been an exception. It is so great to see Canadian bands come together and have a chance at stardom. It is so hard for young musicians these days to make it big or even…

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Wondering how people get through the day?!

With the eating habits of society how is it that people have the energy or focus to finish their jobs after lunch?  Oh right, it’s haze so you can’ t explain it.. ;)

We were doing some market research yesterday and we found ourselves at Nino D’Aversa, a new Italian Bakery in Aurora, with Italian food and an espresso bar.  Mmmmm, delish!  It was absolutely amazing food. …

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New Bride? Wedding Bells Article

We had the pleasure of doing an interview for Wedding Bells online with Stephanie Gray.   We got the chance to answer questions from brides about diet, nutrition and health.   Check out the link below to read one of our articles we have written for Wedding Bells!

Wedding Bells Nutritional Questions Answered by Nutritional Balance

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New Hope for the New Year

It is now 2011, the start of a new year and what a better way to start it off with helping the less fortunate people in our community. With all of these new years resolutions flying around that almost always are forgotten about by February, why not do something for others. We are having a Food Drive for the month of January held…

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