A week of Celebration

Independence Day in the U.S. is a day to celebrate the adoption of declaration of independence.  On July 4th 1776 United States of America declared their independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.  Being the biggest birthday celebrated in the world every U.S. household today will be dressed in red, white, and blue.   There will be celebrations around the country, with its holiday being in…

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Discover Lentils

Michael Smith, our good old Canadian boy and celebrity chef is getting Canadians focus and bring awareness to lentils.  He is launching a campaign called Discover Lentils and has a fantastic website www.lentils.ca  ,we love what he’s doing and therefore want to get the news spreading faster by sharing it with you.  Why lentils?  First let’s start with showing some Canadian pride, as “being…

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Travel Bug? Check out our Pretty Chic Travel Interview!

Getting out of the country to a warmer destination….It seems as though this is all people are doing this time of year.  Even now with the weather warming up, giving us hope that spring is around the corner, people are still taking advantage of their last opportunities to take flight and lay in the sun.

Many people prepare for their trips by eating healthy and exercising so that they are bathing suit ready.  Can’t let anyone see…

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Nutritional Balance now starring on YouTube!!

Who doesn’t love YouTube! It has everything…. literally everything.  Some good, funny, and some really bad! And unfortunately it can be very addicting!!  But like we said it’s sometime for the better :) why you ask? Because Almond Coconut treats have landed on YouTube!!

People love our almond coconut treats and love new recipes…or at least we do :) So we have braved the cameras and walk you through,…

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New Bride? Wedding Bells Article

We had the pleasure of doing an interview for Wedding Bells online with Stephanie Gray.   We got the chance to answer questions from brides about diet, nutrition and health.   Check out the link below to read one of our articles we have written for Wedding Bells!

Wedding Bells Nutritional Questions Answered by Nutritional Balance

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